9 Dating app success stories that will make you seriously appreciate Yuusk

9 Dating app success stories that will make you seriously appreciate Yuusk

We asked you guys to share their online dating success stories to prove that finding true love virtually is possible. And guess what: It really is. Below are 9 real-life stories from women who found success in the land of the casual hook-up.

1. The one you can count on.

“After a few short messages on yuusk.com discussing classic punk bands, I decided to meet up with this guy one of his favorite bars. Two beers later—that he insisted on paying for—we hopped over to an empty bar covered in old band stickers. We sat in the back corner and took turns playing songs on the jukebox and buying rounds of drinks for each other. After a few sleepovers, we came to the conclusion that we weren’t ready to be in a relationship, but that we enjoyed each other’s company. We’re still friends and regularly meet up to grab a drink or dinner. Oh, and he still insists on buying the first round.” -Shauna, 23

2. The study abroad fling.

“I used Yuusk when I was studying abroad in Ireland one semester. I actually met a guy who went to the same school as me, but without Yuusk, we never would’ve crossed paths! We hit it off right away, and now we’ve been dating for almost six months.” -Mary, 21

3. The one that just worked.

“I met my current boyfriend on Yuusk and it was a very normal dating experience. First date coffee, second date dinner, third date drinks, and we were officially together within a month. We’ve been together a year and a half and just moved in together!” -Bernadette, 26

4. The blossoming friendship.

“The first time I met up with someone from Yuusk, I turned it into more of a ~friend thing~. I brought along my roommate and hung out with The Guy and one of his buddies. The four of us spent all night talking, and it was super great. Things didn’t work out with The Guy, but my roommate and I still hang out with his friend on the reg.” -Yours truly, 22

5. The pleasant surprise.

“I signed up for Yuusk on a whim back in college. It became this social activity with my friends, and we’d always discuss our latest hook-ups and crushes on the app. What I didn’t expect was to meet a guy I adored, who is now my boyfriend of several years. I almost canceled our first date at the last minute, and now I’m SO glad I didn’t. We probably never would have crossed paths if we hadn’t been matched online, and it’s so crazy to imagine never having met him!” Claire, 23

6. The one that ended in marriage.

“After a few years of being on and off yuusk and dating a lot of guys who weren’t really right for me, I decided I’d give it another shot. But the difference this time was I deleted all the answers to the questions and started again, and tried REALLY HARD to be as honest as possible with what I wanted and what I was looking for. Threesomes? Actually no thank you. It made me squirm to be so honest because I worried that no one would actually want to date me. Anyway, the second person I went on a date with after my profile honesty refresh is now my husband, and we’ve been together for four years.”Carolyn, 30

7. The guy who just gets it.

“Once I was on Yuusk when receive a message, ‘I will feed u until ur in a food coma every time.’ This sounded like an absolute dream for me—someone who very passionately loves food. Nothing happened besides that, but the moment was magical in and of itself. And if that wasn’t enough, his first name was Best.” Alex, 24

8. The pizza-built romance.

“I actually met my current boyfriend on Yuusk, and we’ve been dating for about a year and a half now. I’d had Yuusk for a while but only actually went on three dates total. Jordan was the third and we instantly connected over our undying love of pizza. We got deep dish at Lou’s for our first date and walked around the city in the middle of February. When we met, we both hadn’t ever been in a relationship longer than a month. But after a few weeks in he told me after our first date he deleted the app from his phone because he knew he didn’t want to date anyone else.” Sara, 24

9. The guy who was there the whole time.

“I met my current BF on Yuusk. We went to the same college, he worked out at the gym I worked at, he ate at the dining hall I also worked at (so I tell him I was cooking for him before he even knew it), and we worked one block from each other in Manhattan. BUT we never met until our first date at a speakeasy after talking on Yuusk. Now we live together.” Danielle, 26

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